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Are All Cribs The Same Height? Different Cribs Heights Explained

different crib heightsOne of the most burning questions posed by expecting parents is whether all cribs are the same height. It is a particularly stressful issue for short parents who may find it difficult to care for their little ones in certain cribs.

This post breaks down the question to find out what crib sizes are available and how to identify the right cribs for short parents.


What the US regulations have to say

First of all, not all cribs are of the same size. The US regulations define a full crib with inside dimensions of 28 -/+ 5/8 inches in width by 52 3/8 -/+ 5.8 inches in length. Some manufacturers offer non-standard cribs in larger or smaller sizes. Whatever you choose, make sure it comes with protective mesh on the sides and is rigid enough to support your baby. If you are tight on space, a compact crib measuring 26.25 inches by 39.5 inches.


What the CPSC regulations have to say

According to regulations set by the Consumer Products Safety Commission in 2011, the openings between the slats should not exceed 2 3/8 inches. This ensures that your toddler’s head doesn’t get between the slats.

The same regulations also dictate that corner posts should not rise beyond 1/16 inch above the side. The only exception is if the side is at least 16 inches high. This serves to protect babies from hanging by clothes that hang on the protruding bedposts. Cribs with front sides that drop down so that you can pick the baby should be avoided.

The standard size of 30” by 54” was established in the early 1900s at a time when larger options were available.


More about crib sizes

The size of a crib may vary depending on the age of the child. The type of crib also influences size. Convertible cribs are larger and bulkier since they can convert from a standard crib to a loveseat, toddler bed or double bed. They are a great choice for those who plan on having more babies. Canopy cribs are a stylish alternative to standard and convertible cribs. They are larger than standard cribs as they have large posts and metal frame that secure a canopy. Canopy cribs come in different colors and designs, making them a perfect addition to the nursery.

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