Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces- 5 Compact, Space-saving Swings 2019

best baby swing for small spaces, space saver baby swingIf you live in a smaller house with limited space, you’d want to look for the best baby swing for small spaces. This is a baby swing that consumes less space while acting as little haven for soothing and entertaining your baby.

Thankfully, the baby swing manufacturers are now coming up with compact, space-saving baby swings to help you meet your limited space needs. However, picking a good small baby swing might for your little one might not be an easy task since the market is filled with multiple models with varying qualities.

With that said, I analyzed and compared dozens of models with the aim of finding which compact baby swings are the best. I’ve gotten the 5 such swings which I’ll be sharing with you in the post below.

Our TOP 3 Space Saver Swings At a Glance:

Product Name: Best For: Price:
1. Graco Glider Plush, roomy seat Check Price
2. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver budget-friendly Check Price
3. Graco Simple Sway plug-in baby swing Check Price

The Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces of 2019:

1. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

best baby swing for small spacesGraco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing opens our list of the top small baby swing models. Graco is one of the most trusted names in the baby gear industry, so their appearance on this list shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The top reason why we chose this swing is its overall compact design. This is sure to provide you with all the space saving benefits you need in a swing, without sacrificing the easy interactions with your baby that you get when using a full-size model.

It also features height-adjustable legs, allowing you to choose between compact and full-size modes (depending on the space available). Besides, you can alter height to your preferred level for even easier baby-mom interactions.

The overhead toy bar features two soft toys which offer entertainment to your little guy in terms of visual stimulation.

With a compact fold design, the swing is also easy to tuck away when not in use or when you need even more space. The carry handle plus battery-operated motor makes the swing portable and easy to take with you to any place.


Why we Love it:

  • compact, space-saving design
  • folds to compact size for easy storage
  • adjustable swing speeds
  • removable infant swing head support
  • machine washable cloth seat


2. Graco Glider Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing

best baby swing for small spacesIt’s Graco again! This Graco Glider Lite LX Gliding Baby Swing is also designed to occupy incredibly small space in your home, making it an excellent option for all parents with a smaller house.

Like the full-size swing, it’ll soothe your baby gentle motions that feel similar to the ones you use when cuddling or comforting your baby in the nursery glider.

The swing comes with a compact and lightweight frame, allowing you to move and use it any room in your house. It also presents you with up to 6 speed options, enabling you to pick the best pace for your baby mood at different times.

For entertainment purposes, Graco has incorporated into the swing a total of 10 sweet melodies plus 5 cool nature sounds—which are sure to delight and amuse your baby.

Designed using soft fabrics, the roomy seat that comes with this small baby swing will doubtlessly deliver the amount of comfort that makes your baby feel they’re in paradise.

Additional features include a built-in timer to help extend the battery life, adjustable toy bay to make the toys easily accessible to your baby, and an integrated 5-point harness to ensure the safety of your little one.


Why we Love it:

  • soothes your baby with gentle motion
  • lightweight, portable frame design
  • roomy seat w/comfortable soft fabrics
  • up to 6 gliding speeds
  • 15 melodies to entertain your baby


3. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and Seat

best baby swing for small spacesFisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing also makes an appearance on our best baby swing for small spaces due to its compact, space-saving design. Even better, it comes with a pocket-friendly price, helping you save as much cash and space as possible.

Other than space-saving design, this swing comes with a list of impressive featured geared toward offering your baby a calming and soothing experience. These features include a total of 7 tunes that will help soothe your baby.

You’ll also get a swing-away toy bar in this swing, featuring momma and baby animal friends. The flexible swing-away design allows you to bring the toys closer to your baby for unlimited entertainment.

Remember you can easily switch between a total of 5 speed swings and vibration mode, depending on the current mood of your baby.

Thanks to the non-skid feet, this swing will remain stable when holding your baby, assuring you of your baby’s safety. Moreover, the swing has a 5-point harness system for extra baby safety.

With the handles in place, you can move and use this swing in any room around your house.


Why we Love it:

  • compact design with non-skid feet
  • converts from 5-speed swing to calming vibration mode
  • 7 tunes for soothing your baby
  • swing-away and removable toy bar
  • 5-point harness for safety
  • comes with handles for easy portability


4. Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing

best baby swing for small spacesFisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat takes up our 4th best compact baby swing. This isn’t just any other swing…it’s a high-end swing that presents you with all the bells and whistles of a larger model, but in a smaller, space-saving design.

A favorite for many moms, this swing comes with lots of entrainment options for your little guy. It has up to 12 songs and soothing sounds that will make your baby calm easily. It also provides you with 6 swing speeds and a calming vibration to give you an easy time soothing your baby. Parents looking for a coli swing will find this swing quite helpful.

Something else that made us pick this swing is its deep, comfy seat. This will offer your baby the ultimate comfort and contribute to making him/her calm down easily. Both the seat pad and head support are machine washable for easy care, maintenance.

Since this Fisher Price space saver baby swing has an easy-fold frame with handle, it’s highly portable and easy to take to any place.

And the best part? Well, this swing not only acts as a small baby swing but you can also easily convert it to infant chair (i.e., it’s a 2-in-1 swing & seat design) that will give you the REAL bang for your buck.


Why we Love it:

  • 6 swing speeds plus calming vibration
  • 12 songs and soothing sounds
  • 2-in-1 model: easily converts to infant seat
  • deep, comfy seat
  • easy-foldable frame with handle


5. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, Abbington

best baby swing for small spacesGraco once more! In our last spot, we have the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing. Ideal for moms looking for a compact baby swing with ac adapter, this unit comes with a plug-in option to help you save cash on batteries (though it also runs on D batteries).

This Graco comes with compact frame design. This gives it a truly compact size which enables it to fit in the smallest spaces available in your home.

Soothing your precious baby gets easier with this swing. It comes with a gentle, side-to-side motion to help you easily sooth and calm your small baby. It has a total of 6-speed options to help you choose the best speed that matches your little guy’s current mood.

Additional entertainment options include 10 beautiful songs and 5 nature sounds that help you soothe and amuse your baby and 3 soft toys that provide visual stimulation to your baby.

Thanks to a deep, plush seat with removable head support, your baby will feel comfy and cozy in this swing. And with the 5-point harness, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe.


Why we Love it:

  • plug-in and battery power options
  • small frame design for saving space
  • gentle, side-to-side soothing motions
  • 6-swing speed options
  • deep, plush sweat w/removable head support
  • 5.5 to 30 pounds weight limit

Graco vs Fisher Price Swing: Which One To Buy?

As you’ve seen in our reviews above, we’ve concentrated more on Graco and Fisher-Price swings. This isn’t a surprise given that these are two highly reputable brands in the baby gear industry.

The part where most moms get confused is whether to buy Fisher Price or Graco baby swings.

You don’t have to get confused though.

If you look at swings from the two companies closely, you’ll agree with me that there isn’t much difference. Both of them come with quality construction, comfy seats, toys, varying swing speeds, melodies, and sounds.

Both manufacturers also have swings falling within similar price ranges—some under $100 and others above $100 from both sides.

The few things that set them apart include power options, where you’ll find a Graco swing offering you both plug-in and battery options, unlike the Fisher-price swings which offer you battery option only.

Also, Fisher-Price has a 2-in-1 swing, which incorporates both the swing and infant seat.

In our opinion, the best brand to buy from should depend on your personal preferences…like, if you want a swing with both power options, you can lean on the Graco units. And if you want a swing that doubles as a baby chair, then a Fisher Price will do.


What is The Weight Limit For A Compact Baby Swing?

Now that a small baby swing is designed to fit in small spaces and save you some considerable home space, you might be wondering if it has the same weight limit as the full-size models.


Let’s keep in mind that the bigger size models have a standard weight limit of 30lbs. If your baby weighs anything above this, you’d want to avoid placing them in the swing for the obvious safety reasons.

How about the compact baby swings?

Well, as you’d discover in all the 5 swings we’ve just discussed above, their manufacturers have set a weight limit of 25 pounds (the Graco swings weight limit is usually listed as 5.5-25 pounds, to be precise). However, some come with a weight limit of 30 pounds.

(Mind you, 25 pounds weight corresponds to babies aged between 16 to 20-month).

I guess you want nothing but SAFETY for your baby, so I think you should just stick to 25 pounds!

The slight difference in weight limit between the bigger and smaller models is understandable given that the latter comes with smaller frame design which might not be able to hold as much weight as the bigger models.


Best space saver baby swing- The Bottom Line

So, these are the 5 top-rated baby swings I’d recommend to all parents with smaller houses and limited space.

As you’ve seen from our discussion above, all these products are specially designed to save you a significant amount of space while still providing you with awesome features to soothe, comfort, and entertain your baby.

Remember to keep your budget and specific preferences in mind when deciding on the best baby swing for small spaces to buy for your baby.

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