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Best Wooden High Chair of 2021 (Top 10 Reviews)

best wooden high chairAre you feeling overwhelmed as you try to choose the best wooden high chair for your baby? If yes, I’m going to help you choose the perfect one easily.

Good craftsmanship plus easy blend-ability with the rest of your dining room earn wooden high chairs a huge following from parents all over.

Add to the fact that wood is a natural, non-toxic product and you’ve got the safest high chair for your baby.

I did a lot of research on the top wooden high chairs that comfortably and safely hold your baby. Following is my final list of the most reliable wooden high chairs for you to choose from.

Best Wooden High Chair of 2021:

Chair: Best For: Price:
1. Summer Infant classic looks Check Price
2. Keekaroo extremely durable Check Price
3. Abiie Beyond versatile and flexible Check Price
4. BabyBjörn easy to clean Check Price

The Best Wooden High Chair:

1. Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood High Chair

The classic look of this Summer Infant high chair is not something you can ignore. High chairs can get too complicated with features nowadays, but this one keeps it simple, with its timeless design which is 100% made of wood.

We are not saying that it is without modern conveniences though – for instance, it features a seat that can adjust to three different reclines, and all you have to do is press two buttons.

What makes this among the best wooden high chairs is the high level of comfort it provides. Your child will keep his little feet comfortable on the chair’s convenient footrest. To ensure your baby’s back is well supported and the bottom well-cushioned, the chair’s seat pad is vinyl-coated.

If you’re like most of us, you dread clean up time, this baby wooden high chair has dishwasher-safe parts (the tray and the insert), so cleaning will be easier and quicker. Furthermore, the insert tray is removable and has separate snack & drink sections.


Why we like it:

  • a 100% wood timeless design
  • seat can adjust to three different reclines
  • removable insert tray with separate snack & drink sections
  • dishwasher-safe tray and insert for easy cleaning
  • vinyl-coated seat pad and a footrest


2. Keekaroo Wooden High Chair

If you are looking for a durable baby wooden high chair, this Keekaroo high chair is a nice choice. It is made of rubberwood, a type of wood that is sustainable, durable, and sturdy because it has very little shrinkage. However, you will have to take great care not to expose it to excessive moisture or to leave it outdoors where it is exposed to rain and to fungus or insect attacks.

One great feature that makes it one of the best wooden high chairs is its adjustability. That way the chair won’t go to waste when your child grows bigger. Its foot and seat plate are adjustable, so when your child’s feet begin to touch the ground, he or she can use the footplate as a seat plate. The high chair is suitable for children who are 6 months and older up until they get to 250 pounds.

Your child falling and getting a bruise or worse when a high chair tips over is a nightmare scenario. The design of this chair will erase your fears as it has a sturdy, solid base which ensures there will be no tipping. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the seat ensures comfort for your child.


Why we like it:

  • made of durable, sustainable rubberwood
  • eating tray and a dishwasher-safe tray cover
  • adjustable to suit your growing child needs
  • solid base that resists tipping
  • fit for babies: 6 months up to 250 pounds


3. Badger Basket Embassy Baby wooden high chair

Are you looking for something versatile that grows with your child? You will get much more than you bargained for with this Badger Basket wooden high chair. Once your baby has grown into a toddler and later a preschooler, you can convert the high chair into a booster chair. Later you can convert it into a chair for tweens or teens, and it can even become a chair for adults.

Cleanup can be a nightmare, but with this Badger Basket, it’s a breeze. The wood chair is pretty easy to wipe clean. In addition, the seat cover is machine-washable and the plastic tray is removable and dishwasher-safe.

With this high chair, convenience is the name of the game. The plastic tray, for instance, contains a cup holder. The tray is deeply indented, having a lip around all its sides to ensure the food remains contained.


Why we like it:

  • versatile: can be used by toddlers, tweens, teens, adults
  • up to 2 feeding trays
  • padded seat cushion with removable, washable fabric cover
  •  machine-washable seat cover
  • dishwasher-safe plastic tray
  • adjustable 5-point seat harness


4. OXO Tot Sprout High Chair

The OXOT Tot Sprout Chair also enjoys a spot on our list of the best wooden high chairs on the market today.

Like our previous high chair, this OXO also grows with your child. It has a footrest and a seat that you can adjust in height to ensure your child fits in comfortably as he/she grows.

It also boasts of super-easy adjustments; you won’t need to bring out your toolbox to make the adjustments!

The high chair has three settings, each for a different development stage of your child. There is the Infant Setting which caters to babies who are 6 to 18 months old. After that, there is the Toddler Setting, which is for children aged 18 months to 3 years old. Lastly is the Youth Setting which is for preschool age children, that is 3 to 5 years old.

If you are worried about the safety of your child, you will be happy to learn that this OXO Tot high chair comes with a SAFETY 5-point harness which will secure your baby firmly in the seat to ensure his/her safety.


Why we like it:

  • grows with your child
  • 5-point harness ensures baby’s safety
  • adjustable seat and footrest
  • seat, back, and cushions promote good posture
  • tray removable with one hand


5. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

The best wooden high chairs are versatile and flexible, and that is one of the key reasons we selected this Abiie Beyond wooden high chair for our top ten list. Imagine using the chair throughout your child’s development stages, from six months old even into the adult years.

The chair is designed to be quickly transformable from a high chair to a toddler’s chair or into a dining chair suitable for people of all ages.

The secret of this flexibility is the patented EZ-Seat system which helps you quickly adjust the seat and footrest to suit the needs of the individual who is going to use the chair. Furthermore, the chair has an adjustable 5-point or 3-point harness which gives you the flexibility to adjust it to your child’s needs.

If you want to include your toddler at the dining table with the rest of the family, you can use the high chair without the tray, effectively turning the chair into a high dining chair. That way, junior can eat with the rest of you safely, thanks to the harness system.


Why we like it:

  • adjustable throughout your child’s development stages
  • EZ-Seat system for quick adjustment of seat & footrest
  • adjustable 5-point or 3-point harness
  • minimalist, compact design
  • easy to clean thanks to stain-resistant cushions


6. Winco CHH-103 Unassembled Wooden High Chair, Mahogany

If you are looking for a do-it-yourself fix while at the same time getting your child a great high chair, the Winco CHH-103 has your name on it.

It comes unassembled, so you will experience the pleasure of actually assembling it yourself – maybe do it with the little one, have them pass you the bolts, have fun together, bond. It comes with Allen bolts and the Allen wrench you will use to tighten them with. It’s not a difficult process, so you won’t need extra tools, and will take very little time to complete.

To ensure the safety of your baby, the chair is built stable and sturdy, so little risk of any tipping over. It also comes with a safety belt which ensures your baby is firmly and comfortably held in place, and allays your fears for his/her safety. It is quite like the restaurant style wooden high chairs. It’s not likely your little one will figure out how to unbuckle him/herself out of this one.

The mahogany finish and mahogany color gives it a classical touch, giving it the look of an antique wooden high chair. It will make a stunning addition to your home décor.


Why we like it:

  • mahogany finish and mahogany color
  • 20 inches long and 20-inches wide
  • comes with safety belt to hold your baby
  • all installation tools included


7. Stokke Tripp Trapp Baby High Chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp baby wooden high chair also made it to our top 10 list. To begin with, the design is exquisite. The chair is made of solid European beech wood. The design is classic Scandinavian, a Peter Opsvik.

It is an intelligent design which incorporates adjustments that allow the chair to continue being useful to your child through different development stages. That is to say the chair grows with your child. All you have to do is make adjustments to the seat and foot plate as your child grows older.

It’s a good idea to have your young one sit with the rest of the family at the dinner table. Research has uncovered that dinnertime conversations are a far better vocabulary booster for young children than reading aloud to them.

With this high chair, you can ensure your child gets all the benefits that come from sitting at the dining table with the family.


Why we like it:

  • lets your baby eat at the dining table with the others
  • cushion accessories ensure baby is comfortable
  • adjustable seat and footplate
  • available in a variety of colors


8. BabyBjörn Wooden High Chair

This white wooden high chair is not only attractive, but also practical in matters easy cleanup, safety, comfort, and the general wellbeing of your child. It has a curved backrest that hugs and supports your baby’s body, ensuring the child sits upright and comfortably. This is very good for the baby, especially during feeding/eating.

The table is adjustable and will grow with your child. The high chair is suitable for children up until they are three years old or 38 inches tall.

Safety is also key. The foldout table is adjustable, and that helps prevent your toddler from attempting to stand up in the chair and consequently falling. The table can hold the child firmly in place without any need of extra harnesses.

The design of the table provides another advantage: it helps reduce spills and messes since you can adjust the table to fit snugly against the toddler’s body.

And if you want to travel, this white wooden high chair is foldable for easy carry (portability). When folded up, it is only 10 inches wide, and that makes it easier to find storage space for it.


Why we like it:

  • ergonomic design enables baby to eat comfortably and to sit upright
  • foldable, lockable safety table holds child firmly and comfortably in place
  • smooth surfaces and a detachable tray make the chair easy to clean
  • foldable for easy storage or travel
  • fit for children up to age 3 (or 38 inches)


9. Excellante’ Wooden High Chair, Walnut

best wooden high chair
This commercial-grade high chair is made of solid wood that will give you good service. The wood is also easy to clean. The chair has a walnut color finish that gives it a good aesthetic appeal. It will look wonderful in your home, blending in well with your home décor.

Baby’s safety is the most important thing to you, and that makes it the most important thing for the designers of baby high chairs. The designers came up with two solutions to this problem. The first one is the durable safety harness straps that will ensure your child is firmly and comfortably held secure.

The second solution was to build the chair in a pyramid-like shape, with the base taking up more space than the top, thus lowering the center of gravity. The result is perfect stability for baby when he/she is sitting in the chair. No risk of baby falling because of tipping.


Why we like it:

  • walnut color finish
  • solid wood that is easy to clean
  • durable safety harness straps
  • pyramid design prevents tipping

Why Buy A Wooden High Chair?

As a parent, you want only that which is good for your child. When it comes to high chairs, the question emerges: why choose a wooden one instead of other options such as metallic or plastic?

We give you the reasons:

  • Aesthetics: High chairs are generally an unstylish product, but the wooden ones are usually eye-grabbing. Picture plastic high chairs and metal high chairs in your kitchen or dining room – they don’t seem to fit in as well as their wooden counterparts, do they? Wood simply has a classic look to it. Wooden high chairs are an excellent addition to your home décor – they blend in so well, especially if you already have other wooden chairs at the table. They come in different finishes: mahogany, teak, oak, espresso, and so forth.
  • Durability: Wooden high chairs generally last longer than plastic ones. It is not uncommon to find wooden high chairs being passed down from one family member to the other.
  • Ease to clean: Wooden high chairs are easier to wipe clean than plastic high chairs.
  • Safe for your baby: Many parents are more comfortable placing their kids in wooden high chairs than in plastic ones. The wooden chairs just seem more stable, perhaps because they are heavier. It could also be because they are handmade. Handmade furniture is perceived as being of superior quality to the alternatives.

What To Look for In A Wooden High Chair:

Your baby is the most precious thing in your life. As such, you want the best for them and you’ll do anything to ensure they are safe and comfortable. We list below all the factors to look for when selecting the best baby high chair wooden for your child.

Safety: Lots of accidents can occur when your child is sitting in a chair. For instance, if the high chair is unstable, it could tip over when your baby gets too boisterous, and cause bruising or something worse to your child. The best wooden high chairs are those that are wider at the bottom, that is with legs positioned in a pyramid-like shape. Such chairs have a lower center of gravity, and that ensures firm stability, minimizing the risk of tipping over. Another accident scenario is when your baby gets up from her seat, attempting to stand. One wrong move and she suffers a bad fall. The best high chairs are those that come with a harness that ensures baby is firmly and comfortably held in place. Pick chairs that have a durable harness.

Comfort: Pick a high chair that your child can sit in comfortably. It must have a footrest for your little one to place her feet upon and a comfy seat to prevent her from experiencing any discomfort. Ensure the seat is soft, padded, and cushiony. The footplate prevents the child from swinging their legs during mealtimes as that will cause the chair to wobble.

Flexibility: Children are growing beings, and they grow rapidly at that young age. What fits your baby today will not fit her tomorrow when she has become a toddler and later when she is a preschooler. You should, therefore, pick a high chair that is designed to accommodate this growth. We mean a chair that comes with an adjustable seat and plate, which grows with your child.

Ease of Cleaning: Babies and toddlers are, as a rule, messy eaters. Cleaning up after them can be quite a hectic affair. For the sake of your peace of mind, pick a high chair that is easy to clean. Removable parts like the tray should be dishwasher-safe. Seat cushions should be machine-washable.


The Bottom Line

The baby high chair was designed to make your parenting life easier.

As a parent who loves your baby, we believe that you’ll only want to get the best your baby. And our top 10 best wooden high chairs currently available at the market will give you a good start.

Follow our guidelines on how to select the best high chair for your child, and you will end up with a model that addresses all your needs.

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