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When Can You Put a Blanket In a Baby Crib?

When To Put a Blanket In a Baby CribYou’ve finally invested in the best baby crib for your little one. You’re really excited and can’t stop imagining your baby sleeping inside there.

Before you can place your baby in the new crib, however, you should ask yourself this important question:

When can you put a blanket in a baby crib?

This is the topic I want to discuss in details in the quick post below…


When to put a blanket in your baby crib:

You should wait until your baby is one-year-old before you can put a blanket into their crib.

I know most parents, especially the first time moms, might not know this…but you’re always advised against putting a blanket, all soft bedding, toys bumpers, etc., in your baby bed during bedtime.

This is because such items greatly increase the risk of your baby suffocating and can easily contribute to the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), your baby should sleep on their back on an entirely flat surface—free of any blankets, pillows, and any other soft beddings— until their first birthday to help reduce the risk of SIDS.

Although AAP makes it clear that no research has been carried out to support their recommendations, they explain that doing so will go a long way in reducing the risk of  SIDS and suffocation.


What If your baby really needs extra warmth?

As long as they’re under 12 months, you should NOT cover them with a blanket. I’d recommend you to use sleeper suits, sleep sacks, or wearable blankets as the best alternatives to blanket in such a situation.

If you consult your pediatrician on when can you put a blanket in a baby crib, he might advise you to do it at 6 months.

However, they MUST make it clear to you what kind of blanket you should use for your baby (i.e., it should be thin and lightweight to enable your baby to easily crawl out of it).

How to put the thin, lightweight blanket on your baby bed?

Well, Child Safety Experts explains that you should make sure you tuck the blanket under your crib mattress at the foot of the crib.

They also state that the blanket should go as far as to the baby chest.

Above all, ensure that the head of your baby remains uncovered when they’re asleep.

The last thing you want to imagine is your baby getting suffocated by that blanket when you’re not near them.


Pro Tip: #AskYourPaedtrician

If you’ve issues with your baby’s sleeping environment or aren’t sure whether your baby should sleep in a blanket, I’d advise you to consult your pediatrician for professional advice.

As I always tell you, you don’t want to take any chances or do any guesswork when it comes to your baby health and wellbeing.


Conclusion—when can you put a blanket in a baby crib?

Hopefully, I’ve answered your question on when can you put a blanket in a baby crib.

Just a quick recap, the experts recommend letting your baby sleep in a blanket only when they’re 1-year-old. Below this age, the chances of SIDS and suffocation are pretty high. And keeping blankets off the crib is one of the surest ways of reducing these risks.

If you’ve any doubts, it’s always a good idea to consult your pediatrician to ensure you’re doing the right thing.

And if your doctor advises to put a blanket in the crib for your baby at 6 months old, remember to use a thin, lightweight blanket that your little angel can easily get out of.

Happy parenting!



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