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How to Apply Diaper Rash Cream (Step-by-step guide & Safety Tips):

How to Apply Diaper CreamThe skin of a baby is incredibly smooth and soft, hence prone to irritation. The need to wear diapers throughout the day leads to exposure to exposure and moisture, a combination that creates the perfect environment for bacteria to breed. This is why diaper cream is such a crucial part of your newborn baby.

It performs two primary functions i.e.

  • Prevents diaper rash: Diaper cream creates a protective barrier between the baby’s skin and cream. It also protects against other irritants such as excrement, chemicals in diapers and acid in food.
  • Treats diaper rash: Diaper cream can be used to treat occurring diaper rash. It is made using ingredients that moisturize a baby’s skin. It also creates a barrier that allows the skin to heal without risk of more irritation. Some medicated diaper creams are capable of treating yeast-based rashes.

There are three main types of diaper creams. Creams are water-based, easily absorbed by the skin and great for irritated skin. Pastes are thicker and often used as moisture barriers. Some contain conditioners for soothing skin and aren’t recommended for use with cloth diapers. Ointments are greasy, oil-based and stay on the skin longer than pastes and creams.


Safety Considerations With Diaper Cream

While mostly safe for use, there are a few things you should be aware of when using diaper cream. For starters, you shouldn’t use it in conjunction with powder. The latter contains cornstarch, a source of food for yeast. This can escalate the problem if your baby gets a yeast-based rash. If you are set on using powder, mix it with petroleum jelly to create a paste then store in a sealed container.

You can use diaper cream around the vagina of your girl, but NEVER inside. In the case of boys, diaper cream can be used on the scrotum and penis. Take care not to retract the foreskin of an uncircumcised boy forcibly.

Make sure you wash your hands with warm water and soap after applying diaper cream. Baby wipes don’t kill fecal bacteria, and you’ll undoubtedly come into contact with them during application.

Diaper creams may contain allergens such as lanolin, coconut oil, sunflower oil, mineral oil, and beeswax. Check the labels for ingredients your child may be allergic to.


When to Apply (or Not To Apply) Diaper Cream

Applying diaper cream at every diaper change really comes down to personal preference. Some mothers use it as needed to treat diaper rash while others apply it at each diaper change to prevent diaper rash.

Either way, consider slathering on the cream if your baby is showing signs of skin irritation, has diaper rash, diarrhea, excreting black tar poop, has sensitive skin or is teething. You should also apply diaper cream every night to curb the increased risk of developing a rash.

Do not apply diaper cream if your baby has broken skin or yeast infection. You should also take care not to contaminate the cream by touching the baby’s bottom with the opening of the cream container.


How to Apply Diaper Cream:

Remove the dirty diaper

After removing the dirty diaper, use baby wipes to clean the baby’s bottom. Be sure to remove any visible diaper cream residue and waste from around the genitals and bottom. If it’s a boy, place a wipe or clean cloth on the penis to prevent him from peeing all over the place when applying diaper cream.

Place a fresh diaper underneath the bottom

However, don’t close the diaper. This prevents diaper cream from coming into contact with the changing pad. It also makes it easier to fasten the diaper when the time comes.

Apply diaper cream

Squeeze a small amount of diaper cream onto your middle or pointer finger. Apply the cream to your baby’s bottom, spreading a thicker layer over the areas with a rash or irritation. Pay attention to the scrotum & penis or vaginal area for girls, around the anus, between the buttocks, as well as the folds of the vagina.

Clean the excess diaper cream

Use a baby wipe or the inside of the clean diaper to wipe off the remaining diaper cream from your fingers.

Secure the clean diaper

If necessary, reposition the diaper and secure it around the baby.

Wash your hands

Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly after applying diaper cream.

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