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How to Dispose Diapers: What’s The Best Way To Dispose Diapers?

How to Dispose DiapersAs a nursing mother, you are probably already accustomed to changing diapers. But do you dispose of them correctly?

There are many things to consider, with the main one being they are a potential public health hazard since they contain human waste. Simply throwing them in the trash is not good for the environment. But then again, you can’t always use cloth diapers, especially when traveling.

So how do you ensure you dispose of dirty diapers properly without posing a health risk to the general public?

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There are many health risks associated with improper diaper disposal. For starters, dirty diapers thrown in the trash threaten the health of the workers that may come into contact with the fecal waster.

When dirty diapers make their way to improperly constructed landfills, the fecal matter leeches into the groundwater and contaminate it.

Considering there are more than 100 viruses in fecal matter, most of which can survive outside the human body, it’s easy to see why proper disposal of dirty diapers is crucial.


How to Dispose of Diapers at Home

The best solution for disposing of dirty diapers at home is a diaper pail.

It is a specially designed trash can that completely eliminates the bad smell of diapers. While they generally work the same way, the directions for use may differ depending on the model. Diaper pails have a disposable bag inside that is kept sealed by some kind of mechanism. They are very affordable and readily available on the market.

If you don’t have a diaper pail, there are other ways to dispose of dirty diapers at home:

The first thing you should do is dump all fecal matter into the toilet. This not only eliminates odor but also curbs bacteria growth. It also makes it easier to dispose of the diaper without making a mess. Wrap the diaper tightly and use the sticky sections to keep it sealed up. This prevents spillage. Throw the diaper in a sealed trash can.

You can also use a Ziploc or plastic sealable bag to dispose of diapers. These bags are pretty effective at trapping smells. While convenient, Ziploc bags can prove expensive in the long run.

Plastic grocery bags can also be used for diaper disposal. Just be sure to twist the top and secure it properly to trap the odor. Consider investing in biodegradable diaper bags with diaper neutralizers. They are a more environment-friendly option compared to regular grocery bags.


Proper Diaper Disposal When Travelling

Disposing of dirty diapers while traveling by car or plane can prove more challenging.

The easiest option when there is no access to a trash can is to use a sealable plastic bag. It’s important to note that FDA regulations don’t allow airline staff to handle used diapers while serving food. Be patient with them, or dispose of the diaper yourself.

If you don’t have a sealable plastic bag, you can use an airsickness bag. This is kept in the seat pocket in front of you.

If you are traveling by car or simply taking a walk, put the soiled diaper in a sealed bag and wait to find a trash bin.

Doggie bags have proven an effective solution for nursing mothers who travel often. They are biodegradable, readily available at the pet store and come in a roll that you can put in your purse.


Disposal of Dirty Cloth Diapers

If you are one of those mothers who has decided to use cloth diapers, kudos for going green and putting up with the extra work associated with these diapers.

But how do you deal with soiled diaper situations and ensure no harm comes to your baby?

Start by dumping the fecal waste in the toilet and rinsing off the residue from the diaper. Place the diaper in an open seal until laundry day.

Keeping dirty cloth diapers in a sealed diaper pail encourages ammonia buildup and prevents air circulation.

Clean cloth diapers every two days to prevent odors, the growth of bacteria, break down of the diaper material and diaper rash.


Remember To Clean Your Hands!

Always remember to wash your hands with water and soap after handling soiled diapers. You can apply hand sanitizer if you are traveling. The idea us to ensure your hands are clean and safe.

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