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How To Move Your Baby To A Crib: A Quick Guide

How To Move Your Baby To A CribMoving your baby to the crib is like taking him/her to an entirely different world from what they’ve been used to.

And it can be a real challenge for the first time (talking from experience).

Luckily, you can observe the following tips and tricks to make the transition process easy and struggle-free:

  • For the first few nights, consider sharing the room with your baby. Move your bed closer to the new crib so that the baby can see you whenever they wake up at night. This will help instill a feeling in your baby that the crib is a completely safe place for them to spend their nights in.
  • Come up with a bedtime routine. This simply means coming up with some bedtime rituals that signals your baby it’s time to go to bed. You can think of something like bathing your baby before bed, sharing a snuggle, rocking, reading a storybook, and so on. A bath, in particular, will relax them and prepare for a peaceful, night long sleep.
  • Another way of something your baby transition to the crib is actually leaving your scent in their new room. Believe you me, anything that smells like Mommy—whether it’s the t-shirt you were the entire day, your bath towel (not too damp), etc.—will make your baby fall to sleep in the new crib easily. A friend of mine also suggests that placing a diaper with your scent in the crib will work wonders.
  • Make the room comfortable to sleep in. ensure there isn’t much noise or bright lighting that will easily distract them from sleep. I don’t mean making the place dead silent; some soft music is allowed. Dimming the lights will help your baby sleep.
  • Make sure that ALL the naps and nighttime sleeps happen in the new crib for your baby. Needless to explain, this will help your baby associate the crib as strictly a place to sleep.
  • Ensure there are NO toys in the crib at night. Placing toys in there during the night might make your baby think its playtime.
  • Don’t dash out right after placing your baby in the crib. Instead, consider lingering around and give the baby time to settle down and get comfy in their new environment. This is important for the first few nights.
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