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What Are The Benefits of Wooden High Chairs?

Benefits of Wooden High ChairsBuying a wooden high chair for your baby could be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your parenting life.


Simply, put, high chairs made from wood tend to offer you a huge list of benefits compared to other types of high chairs on the market today.

Previously, we compared wooden high chairs vs plastic models, and we saw that the wooden models tend to last longer than their plastic counterparts.

What are other benefits you’ll enjoy from using the best wooden high chairs?

Let’s discover more benefits below…


Strength and durability

Probably the biggest reasons why you should consider investing in a wooden high chair is the durability and longevity associated with it.

It’s a well-known fact that wood is a robust material that’ll hold up to most of the abuse or regular use and last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if your chair is made from hardwood or soft wood.

Durability not only ensures easy maintenance of your baby high chair but also allows you to enjoy excellent value for your money.

Many wooden high chairs have actually been passed down from generation to generation in many families!


Stylish looks and feel

Another interesting thing about wooden high chairs is that they look pretty stylish.

They come in natural colors that add a certain level of dignity, elegance, and charm to your dining room.

If you do your research well, it’s quite easy to find a wooden chair that looks like your existing dining room furniture or living room chairs. Such a chair will blend with your dining area or living room, adding to the overall elegance of your home.

Get it from me; it’s impossible to come across a wooden high chair that doesn’t look classic and eye-warming.


Wooden high chairs are safe!

Yes, wooden high chairs are safe for your baby! All of them comply with the set safety standards and regulations.

This means you can have peace of mind as your baby sits comfortably on them.

All these chairs are made constructed from sustainably harvested wood with non-toxic finishes to make them safe for your baby’s health.

Many parents also feel safer playing their little ones in wooden chairs as wood feels sturdier than other models. The fact that chairs are heavy and handmade translates to a superior construction that holds up pretty well.


Eco-friendly (sustainability)

For parents who are environment-conscious (btw, we should all be!), investing in high chairs would be a good sign of your efforts to help conserve your surroundings.

Responsibly sourced wood is the only renewable building material on mother planet. This is true keeping in mind that trees harvested for wood can be replenished by new growth.

And the carbon footprints that result from the production of wood products is significantly lower than that of other building materials.

A wooden high chair can be recycled again and again and even donated or passed from parent to parent.

What’s more, the wooden chair thrown away as a landfill will break down and wear quickly compared to the plastic high chairs.



Older wooden high chair models were not designed to be adjustable.

Years later, it’s now possible to find a fully adjustable high chair. This has closed the competition gap between wooden and plastic high chairs.

The direct benefit of adjustable wooden chairs is that they’re able to grow with your child. You can easily convert them from high chairs to toddler booster chairs and even adult-sized chairs as your baby grows.

In simpler words, wooden high chairs are able to grow with your baby—giving you excellent value for your money, again!


Easier to clean

One more benefit that’ll make you love wooden high chairs—they’re easier to clean.

Many parents are now complaining about how plastic chairs are becoming harder to clean, especially when they develop those stubborn stains that don’t come out easily.

For this reason, I’d suggest that you look into the wooden high chairs as their finishes are resistant to stains and are pretty easy and quick to maintain (check our guide on how to clean wooden high chairs).


Drawbacks of Wooden High Chair:

Even with all these benefits, a wooden high chair might still show some drawbacks. However, the fact that these downsides don’t affect its safety and functionality, they aren’t really anything to stop you from getting the chair.

These drawbacks include:

  • Wooden high chairs are usually pricier than plastic and other types of high chairs. This is both bad and good news. Bad news because it might not fit your budget needs. And good news because the higher cost translates to greater quality and maximum longevity
  • some wooden chair models don’t have the foldable feature. This means that parents with limited space might not be able to fold them down to a smaller size to free up more space. Also, the inability of such chairs to fold makes them less portable.


Final Word

As a parent, you’ll have to make decisions every day of your life. Some are easy and some a really hard to make. When it comes to deciding on which high chair to pick, I can assure you that going with the wooden high chairs is a sure bet!

From maximum strength and durability to looking pretty stylish in your dining room, from being fully adjustable to being easy to clean, wooden high chairs surely deserve a place in your list of baby essentials.

And oh! Don’t forget that they’re eco-friendly to the environment (if you’re one of the good souls who put in effort to protect the environment).

The slightly higher cost of wooden high chairs is nothing to fret about…it only means that these products are of greater quality and are long-lasting.

Get that wooden high chair for your baby today; thank me later!

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