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When To Move Your Baby From A Bassinet To a Crib?

Many moms are clueless on the right time to move their little guys from the bassinet to a baby crib.

If you’re one of these moms, that’s nothing to worry about though.

In the quick post below, I’ll share with you some tell-tale signs that it’s time to transition your baby to a crib.

How to know it’s time to move your baby from bassinet to crib:

  • Your baby starts filling the bassinet. Your baby might have grown in size to a level of filling the bassinet. When this happens, he/she might not be comfortable while inside there, and the best solution is to move her to a bigger and better place- the crib
  • What if your baby is rolling over? Well, this was the sign that I personally used to move to move my daughter to a crib.
  • If your baby is around 3-6 months, you might also consider moving them to a crib. However, if your baby does not sleep for up to 6 hours at night at 3 months, you might consider waiting until he’s 4 months.
  • With time, your baby will outgrow the weight limit indicated in the bassinet. When that time comes, you should also be prepared to move him/her to a crib
  • Lastly, you’ll reach a time when you’ll ‘need your bedroom back.’ In other words, there comes a time when the bedroom becomes more convenient for you and your partner, minus the baby.
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