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4 Instances When You Should Raise Your Baby Crib Mattress

when to elevate crib mattress heightThere are a lot of discussions when it comes to altering the height of a crib mattress. Is it safe? Should I raise or lower the crib mattress? If so, when should you raise the crib mattress? What safety concerns should I be aware of? All of these are issues faced by parents who are nervous about ensuring their baby’s comfort without compromising. In this post, we tackle one of the concerns and tell you when to raise the crib mattress.

1. Baby has reflux

There is no better reason for raising the crib mattress than your baby struggling with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Often known as reflux, GERD causes a lot of discomfort for toddlers and makes it difficult for them to sleep. Lying down on the back is quite uncomfortable since doing so causes the acidic fluids to move up along the digestive tract and cause a burning sensation. Other side effects of acid reflux include vomiting and spitting up. Raising the crib mattress and elevating one side can help keep the acid down.

2. Being a short parent

Short parents have a hard time taking care of their little ones if the mattress is too far down in the crib. And nothing is more frustrating than wanting to comfort your child but not being able to because you can’t reach. Fortunately, raising the crib mattress can make it easier to put down the baby and pick him up when needed.

TIP: As a short parent, you might consider getting yourself a short-length crib for short parents that’s easier to use for short mamas.

3. The desire for more mobility

Another reason for raising the crib mattress is if you need more mobility. Some parents put the mattress at a low setting but when the baby comes along, a new challenge of not being able to put him down safely arises. They find themselves leaning over the side to put their little one to sleep in the baby crib. This is a task that should be enjoyed, not tiresome. While drop sides may offer more versatility, a raised crib mattress can prove more effective. It is also safer for both baby and parent. Moms who just underwent a cesarean section procedure will find it easier to care for their babies during the healing period.

4. Congestion

If your baby is suffering from an infection that causes mucus buildup or nasal congestion such as a cold, raising the crib mattress can prove helpful. Keep the head side slightly elevated to relieve postnasal drip and ensure sound sleep. It will help your little one breath better, hence more comfortable sleep.

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