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Wooden High Chair vs Plastic: Which One To Buy?

Wooden High Chair vs PlasticAs we all know, a high chair is a great investment for all parents. It enables the baby to sit around the dining table with the rest of the family while being able to comfortably feed themselves.

The two most popular types of high chairs on the market right now are the wooden and plastic models. That’s probably because they come with sleek and stylish designs, and come with varying price tags to match your specific budget.

In today’s post, I want us to compare these two types of high chairs—wooden and plastic high chairs—side by side. This way, you’ll be able to make a wiser decision on which one best suits your specific needs and expectations.


NOTE: To make this discussion easy to follow, we’ll break down our comparison into the essential factors below:

1. Adjustability

I guess you want to buy a high chair that will grow with your baby, right?

In that case, one of the most important things to look in a high chair is its adjustability.

All along the way, plastic chairs have always been made to be fully adjustable, meaning you can easily set them to match the growing height of your baby.

While the traditional style wooden high chairs were non-adjustable, the modern models allow you to fully adjust them. You can easily adjust their footrest, seat, etc. so that you can your baby can still enjoy comfortably using them as they grow.

Such a chair that grows with your baby is a huge money saver as you won’t have to go back to the market for a bigger model when your kid grows.

2. Space

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing between wooden and plastic high chair is how much space you have at home.

If you’ve limited space, I’d suggest that you look for a plastic high chair. Why? Because these chairs are usually lightweight and come with a foldable design. This means you can easily fold them and store them away when you need more space.

An added benefit of this lightweight, foldable design is that you can easily stash them in your car and take them to any place (talk of portability!)

When it comes to the wooden high chairs, most of them are usually bulky and aren’t easy to move around. They’ll take up more space, so buy them if you’ve more space.

NOTE: some manufacturers are now coming up with foldable wooden high chairs for parents who still swear by wooden models, even when space is an issue.

3. Appearance/Looks

Now that you’re planning to buy something that will be sitting in your home all the time, isn’t is important that you consider how it looks?

What you need to consider when it comes to appearance is how the chair will blend with your kitchen or dining area surroundings.

One thing I can assure you is that wooden high chairs beat plastic models 10-nil in this area.

Wooden models are even sleeker and more eye warming and are sure to add instant elegance to your dining area. They come in multiple color options—like black, white, natural wood, dark wood, to name but a few.

Take it from me; wooden high chairs will perfectly blend with the contemporary kitchen and dining rooms!

4. Ease of cleaning

It’s cleaning time…that task we all hate to do all the time!

For a long period of time, the plastic high chairs have been labeled as the easiest to clean.

But things are now changing, thanks to the fuss-free design of most of the modern wooden high chairs presently available on the market. This is making the wooden high chairs easy to clean, especially in all the hard to reach areas and crevices.

What parents fear most when it comes to cleaning the high chairs are the cushions/padding. That too is now as easy to clean as simply wiping it or tossing it in the washer!

The removable trays that come with both plastic and wooden high chairs can be easily be cleaned in the washer.

5. Durability

The durability of the high chair you wish to buy is also an important consideration.

With that being said, both the wooden and plastic high chairs are usually made from quality materials to enable them to last for an exceptionally long period of time.

If you buy a wooden model from reputable brands, like IKEA, you can rest assured that it’ll last long enough to be passed down to the next baby.

But keep in mind that the durability of the wooden chairs is limited to indoors only as it can’t handle the harsh outdoor weather elements. This is where the plastic models gain an edge over their wooden counterparts—the ability to hold up to outdoor weather.

Also, if you throw your wooden chair around, it might get damaged easily. This is unlike the plastic models which don’t get easily damaged.

6. Cost

Regarding the cost, the plastic models usually hang on the lower end of the price spectrum compared to the wooden high chairs.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t afford a wooden high model.

These chairs are evenly distributed along the spectrum as well…and if you take your time to research, you’ll easily find a wooden high chair that comes with a great build quality and all the essential features of a high chair at an affordable.

Overall, I believe that you can get a quality high chair (whether plastic or wooden) without breaking the bank.

Just set a reasonable budget and take time to research the market.


Wooden or Plastic High Chair?

That’s all you need to know about wooden high chair vs plastic models. From this discussion, it’s crystal clear that the two types of chairs share nearly the same list of features and attributes.

The wooden model outshines the plastic models when it comes to looks. And the plastic hit back by being space-savers and more portable.

Both types of chairs are pretty durable and long-lasting and come with varying price tags to match your specific budget.

In conclusion, which type of chair to buy should be a matter of personal preference.

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