5 Best Cribs For Short Moms To Reach Your Baby Easily (2018 Reviews):

best-cribs-for-short-momsIf you’re a vertically challenged mom, you know the struggle is REAL when using the standard height baby cribs.

Putting or removing your baby from a standard height crib will force you to stress your body…and with time, you might even develop some back problems.

This post will guide you through the process of getting a low profile crib that will make your life easier. We’ll give you up to 5 best cribs for short moms to choose from.

(If you already have a tall crib, we’ll share some simple hacks that you can use to make it easier to use)

Our Best Short Cribs At A Glance:

Crib Name: Dimensions: Price:
Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 53.6 x 29.9 x 34.5 inches View product
Delta Children Bentley S Series 56 x 6.8 x 35 inches View product
Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side 54.5 x 30.8 x 34 inches View product
Union 2-in-1 53.5 x 30.5 x 33.5 inches View product
DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 54.5 x 42 x 35 inches View product


How To Buy The Best Low Profile Crib?

The problem with baby cribs is that they’re not designed with short parents in mind (perhaps the manufacturers will soon realize the struggle petite moms are going through and build baby beds specific to them).

Most manufacturers do not even indicate the dimensions of their cribs, making it quite difficult for you to tell if a particular bed will work for you and your baby.

Luckily, we’ve come up with easy-to-follow criteria that will help you pick the best cribs for short people easily and quickly.

First, look at the HEIGHT of the crib

The number one thing you should look for in a low profile crib is its overall height. Remember the height is the sole reason why you’re having difficulties using the standard baby cribs.

You don’t want to buy a crib that forces you to strain your body or end up diving into it (which is not safe for you and your baby) as we’ve seen in the short clip above.

So, what’s the appropriate height for short cribs?

The ideal crib for a shorter mom (I regard “short” as 5ft or so) should come with a height of 35” inches or below. This will make your life easier as a shorter parent and minimize back pains. Anything taller than 35” might be a misery for you.

SAFETY is crucial

Safety is also crucial when it comes to baby cribs because it’ll give you a peace of mind knowing that your baby is always safe when sleeping.

The first thing to look when it comes to safety is the distance between your crib slats; they should be no more than 2 3/8 inches to prevent your little one’s hands or legs from getting stuck there when you’re not around them.

You should also make sure the low crib is constructed using safe materials. Keep off from cribs that contain paint and glue and other hazardous chemicals.

A crib with JPMA or GREENGUARD Gold certification means it’s safe for you to use (GREENGUARD Gold Certified)

For maximum safety assurance, the crib should be CPSC and ASTM certified as well.

Adjustable Mattress Height

As you’re already aware, most of the modern cribs you’ll get on the market today come with adjustable mattress height. Some offer you 3 adjustable crib heights while others come with up to 4 positions.

The main reason why you should get an infant bed with adjustable mattress height as a short mom is the fact that it enables you to bring the mattress position closer to the rail—making it even easier for you to reach for your baby.

PRO TIP: Get a baby bed with removable legs. By being able to remove the legs of your baby crib, you can lower its height by around 4-5 inches, which is a huge plus for you as a petite parent.


5 Best Cribs For Short Moms 2018:

1. Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Convertible CribBest Cribs For Short Moms

Assembled Dimensions: 53.6 x 29.9 x 34.5 inches

The Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 is one of the best cribs for short moms you’ll get on the market today. This crib is convertible so you can change it to a toddler bed or daybed. In other words, this is a short crib that grows with your baby.

When fully assembled, the crib stands 34.5 inches short, meaning that you (the short mom) will not have a problem laying down or lifting up your baby from this bed. Being a modern baby crib, it comes with up to 4 mattress height adjustable positions. This makes it even better for you as you can raise the mattress height to a height you’re more comfortable with.

If you love the stylish stuff, you’ll also love the sleek looks of this bed. The crib is made using solid wood construction to make it a truly durable and stable sleep haven for your baby.

The all-slat sides design makes it easy for you to keep an eye on your sleeping little angel from any angle. The slates spacing doesn’t exceed 2 3/8 inches to ensure the safety of your baby. All the construction hardware used for this crib are neatly hidden away for extra safety and a clean look.


-solid and durable construction

-adjustable mattress height

-Greenguard Gold Certification

-sleek, stylish, and clean looks

-quite easy to set up


-big and bulky

-instructions are a bit crummy

-screws might get loose with time

Check it out


2. Delta Children Bentley S Series 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

Best Cribs For Short Moms Assembled Dimensions: 56 x 6.8 x 35 inches

Delta Children Bentley is also a low crib that you might want to consider as a short mom. When you fully assemble it, it’ll measure 35 inches high. This is slightly higher than the previous model… but within the acceptable height for petite moms.

Like the previous crib, this model is also convertible, so it’ll also grow with your baby. You can easily transform it into a toddler bed, daybed, or even a full-size bed.

Another fantastic thing about this crib is that it comes with up to 3 adjustable mattress height positions. As I told you earlier, this feature is great when looking for a profile crib as it enables you to raise the mattress position for easy lifting of your baby.

The baby bed is built to last with strong and sturdy wood construction. It is JPMA certified. It complies with all the CPSC and ASTM safety standards so you can rest assured that your baby will always be safe in it.


-easy to put together

-convertible low crib (4-in-1)

-up to 3 adjustable mattress heights

-robust and sturdy construction


-rails for converting to full-size bed sold separately

-not so good customer service

Check it out!


3. Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib

Best Cribs For Short Moms Assembled Dimensions: 54.5 x 30.8 x 34 inches

Also appearing on our list of the most convenient baby cribs for short moms is the Storkcraft Hillcrest Fixed Side Convertible Crib. At the height of 34 inches, this particular model is even shorter than the previous models…and one of the shortest cribs currently available on the market today.

The beautifully crafted convertible crib comes with a modern look and a great-looking but functional design. This crib will also grow with your child due to its convertible nature. It allows you to convert it to a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed.

Like all the previously discussed cribs, this one too comes with adjustable mattress height position (with up to 3 preset positions), which is indeed a big deal for short moms.

The moderately priced crib is constructed from high-quality pine wood plus composites to ensure it lasts a lifetime. It’s certified by JPMA and has been stringently tested to meet/exceed all the CPSC and ASTM safety standards for a baby crib—making it one of the safest cribs for your little one.


-super-solid & durable construction

-convertible short length crib

-JPMA certified

-adjustable mattress height

-easy to assemble


-regular screw tightening required

-some customers have received chipped parts

Check it out!


4. Union 2-in-1 Convertible Crib

Best Cribs For Short MomsAssembled Dimensions: 53.5 x 30.5 x 33.5 inches

If you’re on a tight budget, you’d want to look for cheap cribs for short moms. The Union 2-in-1 Convertible Crib is one of the most affordable low cribs with great quality and functionality.

Apart from a pocket-friendly cost, this crib is also extremely short. When fully assembled, it stands as short as 33.5 inches (which makes it the shortest baby crib on our list). If you feel that you’re the shortest mom or parent alive, you gotta get yourself this crib and make your life easier.

It presents you with up to 4 adjustable mattress levels, allowing for further customizations to fit your height and growing baby. Besides, it’s a convertible crib that will transform into a daybed or toddler bed as your baby grows into a toddler.

The bed comes with a simplified design, which is quite acceptable given its low cost. It also features an elegant design that’ll perfectly accent with your nursery décor. The durable and sturdy feel of this bed will make it last for generations to come. Because it’s built from the sustainable New Zealand pine, it’ll be a 100% safety sleep haven for your baby.

Like all the other baby beds, this Union crib meets the US CPSC as well as the ASTM international for the utmost safety.


-affordable low rise bed

-durable and sturdy feel

-convertible capabilities

-4 adjustable mattress levels


-conversion kit sold separately

Check it out!


5. DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 Convertible Crib

Best Cribs For Short MomsAssembled Dimensions: 54.5 x 42 x 35 inches

Last on our list of the top-rated cribs for short moms, we have the DaVinci Kalani 4-In-1 Convertible Crib. The key reason why I’ve featured this crib on this list of good cribs for short moms is its low profile design, with a height of 35 inches.

Another reason is that the crib is reasonably priced (its cost creeps under $200) if you consider the quality and features it provides you with.

Beautifully designed, this 4-in-1 crib is also incredibly versatile. It comes with gentle curves which you can hassle-freely convert to toddler bed, daybed, or full-size bed as your baby grows from one stage to the next.

With up to 4 adjustable mattress height positions, you can further customize its height to make it even easier for you to use.

It’s constructed from100% natural solid New Zealand pine wood. It’s made using non-toxic finishes and painting. It’s GREENGUARD Gold Certified. And meets all the ASTM and CPSC safety standards. All this makes it a SAFE sleeping environment for your baby.


-4 adjustable mattress levels

-reasonable price for the quality

-durable, solid construction

-convertible to daybed, toddler bed, or full-size bed

-good-looking design


-conversion kit not included (sold separately)

-a bit painful to assemble

-instructions not helpful

Check it out!


Helpful Crib Hacks For Short Moms:

What if you’ve already bought a standard height (42-inch) crib? DO you need to dump it and buy one of the short length cribs for short moms we’ve just outlined above?

If you’re not too bad off financially, you can invest in a low profile baby crib from the above list and make your life easier.

What if you don’t have some extra money to spend on the short cribs for short moms?

Well, you can practice some helpful hacks and tricks that will enable you to easily and safely reach for or lift up your baby from your crib.

Let me take you through the helpful hacks & tricks below:

1. Adjust the mattress height of your baby crib

Unknown to most parents, most of the modern day baby cribs come with adjustable mattress height positions. The position can be as many as 3 or 4 depending on the crib you’re using.

As a short mama, you can take advantage of this feature to bring the mattress closer to the rail to make it easier for you to reach for your baby. Your instructional manual should tell you if your crib has adjustable matters height and how to change the heights.

Unfortunately, this is but a temporary solution for you, since you’ll need to return your mattress height to the lowest setting once your baby starts standing (for safety reasons).

2. Use a crib step stool to boost your height

Another hack you can employ to reach out for your baby in the crib easily involves standing on a step stool to help elevate your height.

There are plenty if step stools you can find out there made of plastic or wood. However, you should be careful what stool you choose to ensure it meets your needs while ensuring your safety. Go for something safe and durable.

You don’t want to get a stool that’s unstable and easily slips beneath your feet when lifting up or laying down your baby in the crib.

For the ultimate safety, I suggest you get yourself an aerobic fitness step since its designed to remain stable and non-slip when pushed down at various unusual angles. Plus, it comes with an adjustable height to enable you to choose the most convenient for you.

The best crib step stool to buy:

Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper

best crib stepper stool

View product

3. Enlist the help of the taller parent

Because you’re a short mom, it doesn’t always mean that your hubby is short too…though it’s possible at times.

If your partner is taller than you, you can ask him to help you place or lift the baby in the crib. This tip will truly save you a lot of hassle.

However, it might be convenient when he’s not around.

4. Saw off the legs of your baby crib

Though buying short length cribs is the best permanent solution, there’s another permanent solution for you—cutting down the legs of your tall crib.

You just need to grab that electric saw and cut down each leg of your baby crib to a uniform height. Be sure to cut straight, to avoid ending with a non-stable, wobbly baby bed.

Cutting the legs will make the crib easier to use for the shorter parents, no doubt!

However, keep in mind that doing so will make the crib non-eligible for any warranty it might have come with.


There’s a DANGER in using tall cribs for the petite moms. It forces to put your body in an awkward position as you try to lift out or lay your baby in the crib. And you’ll end up straining your body (mainly your back).

Things can get worse if you already have back problems, so we encourage you to look for the best cribs for parents with bad backs.

Not just you…your baby’s safety too might be at risk when you’re straining to place them in the tall crib. (which are basically the low profile or low rise cribs)

To give you a clear picture of what I’m trying to say, check this video:

Get Yourself A Short Length Crib Today!

If you’re a short mom, you know the pain of using the standard height cribs which are usually taller than you. You can’t comfortably interact with your baby in the crib. You’ll also struggle to lay your baby or lift him/her out of the crib.

In this post, we’ve covered in details some of the most effective hacks and tricks you can use to make it easy for you to use such cribs.

The best and permanent solution, however, involves investing in the best cribs for short moms. These cribs come with a low profile design, enabling you to lift up your baby without straining your back.

In the above post, you’ll get 5 such good cribs for short moms that’ll make your parenting life easier.


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