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Best Baby Monitor That Records (2021 Reviews & Buying Guide)

baby monitor that recordsHunting for the best baby monitor that records videos of your baby?

This guide is for you.

Baby monitors have really evolved.  And today, you can get a baby monitor that allows you to record the adorable moments of your baby when they’re sleeping or playing.

This means you’ll never miss a single moment of your little angel!

We’ve searched the market for baby monitors with recording capability and found 4 great models that other parents are already using.

Discover the 4 monitors below…

Monitor name Best for: Price
DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor Automatic Video Recording View product
HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor Baby Video Monitor With Recording View product
WiFi Baby Monitor Most Affordable Baby Monitor View product
Dragon Touch Video Baby Monitor Value for Money View product

Can Baby Monitors Record?

If you’re like many moms out there, you might have always wondered if there’s a baby monitor that lets you record footages of your baby and preserve/share their precious moments.

Well, the answer is…YES!

The evolution of baby monitors has seen the introduction of baby monitors that come with a digital recording of videos function.

A typical recordable baby monitor has an SD card slot (most of them supports up to 32GB micro SD cards) to allow you to store the recorded videos.

Needless to mention, the monitors with video recording are simply the video baby monitors.

So, do all video baby monitors record videos?

Not really…. not all the video baby monitors allow you to record videos. Only those with recording capability will do.

Who is The Video Recording Baby Monitor For?

A baby monitor with video recording capability is undoubtedly a dream for every parent.

Any parent can use one as long as they wish to record videos.

Here are some top reasons why you might consider using this unique monitor:

By recording your baby’s playtime or sleeping time, this monitor makes parenting more fun. Imagine being able to playback those funny and cute moments of your baby?

Also, if you’re not always near your baby, say you’re at work, you’ll surely want to see how your baby spent their day

This monitor will let you see how your new nanny, babysitter, family member, etc. are doing with the baby. And this monitor will make that possible.

It also makes it possible for you to share your baby’s moments with the rest of your family and friends.

In our next section, we look at the 4 best baby monitors that record video of your little angel…

The 4 Baby Monitors With Recording:

1. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

Automatic Video Recording
Best baby Monitor That Records

DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor is one of the most popular baby monitors that allow you to record and preserve all the precious moments of your baby, whether they’re sleeping or playing in their room.

It boasts of sound-trigged, automatic video recording function which means you don’t have to manually set it to record videos. With such an awesome feature, this baby monitor will help capture any moments that you might miss when your eyes are off the baby.

In addition to that, it comes with a manual recording function which lets you record the specific moments and share them with your family and friends.

Keep in mind: it comes with a 32GB TF card slot (not included), which means you’ll have HUGE memory space to record an unlimited number of videos.

Other features: multi-camera expandability (supports split screen), large 4.3-inch LCD color screen, sound-activated LED lights, high digital privacy (uses the non-wifi FHSS transmission technology), automatic night vision, remote tilt/pan/zoom, temperature sensor, nightlight, 2-way talk, soothing lullabies.

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2. HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Baby Video Monitor With Recording
Best baby Monitor That Records
For the parents looking for the best baby video monitor with recording, you can’t go wrong with the HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor. It comes at a moderate cost, making it suitable for parents on a budget.

This monitor also allows you to catch the precious moments of your baby and share them with your family and friends. Just like the previous model above, supports micro SD cards of up to 32GB—translating to unlimited storage space for those funny and cute clips of your little one.

Keep in mind: this particular video monitor only gives you the option of manual video recording function— no automatic or sound-activated video recording.

Other features: two-way talk, night vision, temperature alarm, temperature sensor, multi-camera expandability, digital pan/tilt, zoom in/out.

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3. MeaMae Care WiFi Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Most Affordable Baby Monitor with Playback

Best baby Monitor That Records
If you’re on a tight budget but still want a baby monitor that records video, I suggest you consider investing in this WiFi Baby Monitor.

The incredibly easy to use monitor allows you to record photos and videos of your little one to your smartphone or add a micro SD card. With the loop recording feature, this baby monitor will automatically cover the oldest video files when the memory gets full. This allows you to continue enjoying the recording experience.

Keep in mind: this smart monitor automatically jumps into video recording when it detects motion around your baby room. And unlike the previously discussed recordable baby monitors, it supports up to 64GB micro SD cards for endless recording of your little one footages.

Other features: clear 2-way audio, 6 soothing lullabies, automatic night vision, temperature & motion sensors, remote tilt/pan, compatible with Android and iOS.

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4. Dragon Touch Video Baby Monitor

Value for Money
Best baby monitor That Records
Dragon Touch Video Baby Monitor is another baby monitor that records videos of your little angel as they peacefully sleep or play in the nursery room.

It allows you to fit it with SD cards as big as 32Gb to store all the recorded clips for later review. Since the monitor is famed for its terrific image quality—both at day and night—you can rest assured that it records high-quality videos; Crisp and Clear are the words!

Keep in mind: this is a sound-activated video recording baby monitor. This means it automatically starts recording the moment it detects your little one is making any moments in the room. That’s an assurance that you won’t miss a single moment in your baby room.

Other features: remote camera tilt/pan/zoom, 7-inch touch LCD screen, enhanced two-way audio, up to 5 lullabies, infrared night vision, audio-only mode, supports up to 4 cameras, temperature monitoring,

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the best baby monitor that records?

A baby monitor that allows you to record high-quality audio and video clips of your baby is rated as the best baby monitor that records. All the models mentioned above satisfy our criteria for top-quality recording monitors you can get on the market today.

Q: Can you rewind baby monitors?

Yes, you can rewind baby monitors that record videos. This will help you to access the recorded content. But in some cases, you might need to download the video baby monitor files to your PC to rewind.

Q: Does Motorola baby monitor record?

Motorola baby monitors can actually record both audio and video clips of your baby. One good example of a Motorola baby monitor with recording is the Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor. It features an SD card slot for storing the recorded baby monitor videos and audio clips, so you can capture all your little guy’s moments.

Q: How do baby monitors store recorded video?

There are TWO main ways these baby monitors store your recorded videos. Most of them come with SD or TF card slot to allow you to insert the SD/TF card for storing the recorded clips. Some store the recorded videos and audio in the Cloud. We suggest that you get a monitor that stores the data locally in your SD card as opposed to those that store it in the Cloud, where hackers could easily access it.

Our Verdict

So, these are the 4 top-of-the-line baby monitors that record crisp-clear videos of your baby.

With these monitors, you can rest assured that you’ll never miss a single precious moment of your baby.

These monitors will also make your parenting life more fun. Whenever you play back these clips (memories), you’ll feel happy watching your baby’s funny and cute moments.

You can even share the recorded clips with your friends and family members.

All these monitors come with up to 32GB SD card slots, allowing you to enjoy an unlimited recording of videos.

Overall, if you want the REAL value for money, I suggest that you go for Dragon Touch Video Baby Monitor. This monitor strikes the perfect balance between impressive features and price.

Grab one of these video recording baby monitors today and start capturing those cute, funny baby moments!

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