Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor 2019: (10 Baby Monitors That Don’t Require Wifi)

Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitor

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Looking for the best non-wifi baby monitor?

If yes, this guide is for you.

Baby monitors that don’t use wifi are not easy to hack and are easier to install/operate since they don’t require any connections.

With the countless cases of baby monitors getting hacked, parents have turned to non-wifi monitors since they don’t transmit your baby audio/video signals over the internet.

Below, you’ll discover a bunch of top-rated baby monitors that you can use to keep an eye on your baby while doing other tasks around the house…

Top-rated Non-Wifi Baby Monitors At A Glance:

Monitor Name: Best For... Price:
1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor best non-wifi video baby monitor View product
2. HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor good battery life View product
3. Panasonic Video Baby Monitor extra-long audio/video range View product
4. DBPower Video Baby Monitor monitor with recording function View product
5. Dragon Touch DT24 most affordable non-wifi baby monitor View product

10 Best Non-Wifi Baby Monitors of 2019:

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitorBest for: best non wifi video baby monitor.

If you’re on the market for the best non-wifi video baby monitor, the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor should be your top choice.

This monitor comes packed with a load of impressive (and truly unique) features that makes it our TOP choice. It boasts of its place as the FIRST EVER baby monitor with Interchangeable Lens System which grants you total vision control of your baby room.

KEY BENEFITS of The Mighty Infant Optics DXR-8:

1. World’s First Interchangeable Lens System

drx-8 baby monitorProbably one of the reasons why this baby camera has won the hearts of parents all over the glove is its Interchangeable Lens System.

This is the Infant Optic’s innovative technology which allows you to customize the camera in seconds—so that you can enjoy the most suitable viewing angle and zoom for your specific environment.

Just like the professional camera system; totally mind-blowing!

2. Safe and Secure baby monitor

dxr-8 baby monitorWith this non-wifi baby monitor, you’ll enjoy 100% digital privacy.

This is true, keeping in mind that this is a non-wifi monitor (where no video and audio signals are passed over the vulnerable internet).

Instead, it’s a 2.4GHz FHSS baby monitor, which means it uses the exceptionally secure 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission- making it hard for hackers to easily intercept its signals.

3. Baby room temperature monitoring made easy

drx-8 baby monitorThe remote in-room temperature monitoring capability is another reason to love this baby monitor.

By constantly updating you on your baby room’s current temperatures, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your baby is in a comfortable and safe environment.

4. Two-way Talk

Two-way TalkYes, you heard that very well…this monitor also provides you with the two-way talk function.

This allows you to easily communicate with your baby without necessarily going to their room. It has an unmatched sound reception so your baby will hear you clearly and so will you.

You can take advantage of this feature to calm down your crying baby, comfort them, or even sing the lullabies to make them sleep.

5. Works as an Audio-only monitor!

infant optics drx-8Another smart feature you’ll find in this award-winning monitor is the “Screen off, Audio on” mode…

…which simply means that the screen can turn off whilst the sound remains on.

The simple transformation of turning a complete video baby monitor into an audio-only baby monitor helps ensure you can still monitor your baby even when the screen is OFF.

What’s more, this smart mode can help you save your monitor battery power by up to 50%.

6. Long-lasting battery

dxr-8 baby monitorUnlike most of its competitors, this baby camera comes equipped with a portable power source.

This comes in the form of a long-lasting battery that can last for up 12 straight hours (with the power saving mode) or 8 hours (if you keep the display screen on).

What’s more, you can easily charge this monitor anywhere—even from laptops and other USB outlets. A spare cable is included for hassle-free charging time.

More Features:

  • Incredibly easy to setup (think plug-and-play kind of setup)
  • Slim 3.5” LCD color display for crystal-clear image delivery, with no grainy and pixelated textures
  • Pan/tilt/zoom; you can easily control the camera direction
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras (great if you plan if you want to monitor multiple baby rooms)
  • Sleek, compact design ensures portability
  • Invisible IR night vision

PROS: excellent image quality | extremely easy to set up/use | great sound reception | automatic night vision mode | expandable to 4 cameras | unmatched night vision | first-class customer service.

CONS: charging system might turn faulty with time | wifi interference problems

TIP: You can solve the signal interference issue by simply placing your monitor away from the router and other devices in your house like smartphones, TV, etc)

UPDATE: The manufacturer has taken up the charging issue. They advise you to ensure your battery plug is fully/properly inserted. If you still experience the problem, contact their customer support for detailed troubleshooting and solution.

Our Verdict: I highly recommend this monitor to all parents who want to enjoy great features at a reasonable cost. The ease of setup and operation (comprehensive user guide included), crystal-clear picture quality, long-lasting battery life, and the special Interchangeable Lens System, are some of the aspects that put this monitor in its own class.

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2. HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitorBest for: quality battery life.

Next on our list of top-rated baby monitors that don’t require internet, we have the HelloBaby 3.2 Inch Video Baby Monitor. This top-rated monitor that helps you closely monitor your baby and ensure their safety.

Like our previous model, this video monitor also uses enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology which connects the camera unit to the screen. This transmission technology utilizes digital encryption and frequency-hopping technology to ensure maximum digital privacy and reliability.

The 3.2-inch LCD color display will provide you with crisp-clear images of your baby.

We also liked the fact that this baby monitor comes with infrared night vision capability (with automatic night vision). This means that you can easily monitor your baby during the day as well as at night. What’s more, the monitor has a remote in-room temperature display that lets you keep tabs of your baby room temperature as well—ensuring maximum baby comfort and safety.

Just like the other baby monitor above, this HelloBaby model supports two-way communication with an excellent transmission range of up to 960 ft. This makes it possible for you to comfort your baby with soothing lullaby songs or talk to them to calm them.

The auto-mute function shuts off the monitor when the noise goes below 50db for over 7 seconds, extending the battery lifespan. As a multi-transmitter monitor, you can easily pair the monitor with up to 4 cameras as you prefer.

You have no reason to doubt the quality and reliability of this monitor. The manufacturer provides you with a 3-month money-back guarantee, a 1-year quality guarantee, and 24-hour professional support—all of which makes it a 100% risk-free investment.

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 10 x 2.3 x 7 inches
  • weight: 1 pound
  • screen size: 3.2 inches
  • transmission distance: 960ft.
  • warranty: 1-year warranty

PROS: lightweight/easy to carry | exceptional sound quality | longer lasting battery | setup is incredibly easy | expandable up to 4 cameras | lets you set up to 8 alarms for different things | night vision is amazing.

CONS: some parents have reported loud | buzzing noise from the monitor.

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3. Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitor Best for: extra-wide LCD display.

If you prefer a video monitor with wider view display, consider this Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor as one of your top choices. Like all the other monitors featured on this list, this is also a baby monitor without internet.

The monitor boasts of a larger 5.0-inch screen (the size of a Samsung galaxy s5 screen) color LCD display. This screen combines with the wide-angle lens technology to deliver a 4x more view of your baby room than other monitors out there. For this reason, we feel that this is the best monitor for moms monitoring babies and toddlers who have started moving inside their cribs or around the nursery room.

Since the monitor comes with a digital zoom feature, you can also easily zoom in to watch your baby as they sleep or wake up.

And like the previously discussed monitors, this Summer Infant model also has automatic night vision function, enabling you to keep a hawk-eye over your baby day and night. The infrared LEDs automatically adjust to the amount of light in the baby room to transmit clearer black & white images at night or in low light conditions.

You’ll also be pleased to note that this monitor features a two-way talkback communication function, meaning you can easily calm your bay with your voice without necessarily going to their room. You can also add extra cameras to the monitor system to enable you to monitor more than just one room.

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 12.5 x 5 x 11 inches
  • weight: 0.16 ounces
  • screen size: 5 inches
  • transmission distance: 600ft.
  • warranty: 1-year warranty

PROS: wide (5-in) display screen | incredibly lightweight | crystal-clear picture quality | incredible night vision | sound reception is good.

CONS: questionable battery life.

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4. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

best baby monitor without wifi Best for: budget-minded parents.

Compared to most of the monitors on this list, Babysense Video Baby Monitor is the best video baby monitor without wifi with a budget-friendly cost.

But don’t downrate it by its affordable pricing…this monitor will also make it possible for you to establish a secure and private connection with your baby, day and night.

It employs top-notch wireless 2.4GHz Digital Audio & Video Transmission technology to give exceptional user experience and peace of mind. It boasts of an extra-long range transmission of up to 900 feet, within which you can crystal-clearly hear your baby from their room. And if you go out of this range, the integrated warning function will quickly alert you.

Another reason why this monitor made it to this list is its high definition 2.4-inch LCD color screen. While its size might sound smaller than what we’ve seen in the other monitors, the display will still deliver super-clear images of your baby so that you can easily watch them sleep or play.

What’s more, this video monitor supports night vision, so you’ll get to monitor your little guy all day and all night long. Note that the night vision automatically activates itself when it detects low light in your baby room, making the monitor quite easy and convenient to operate.

Because this monitor also comes with the two-way talkback system, you’ll be able to comfort your baby with your own voice from the comfort of your room or sofa.

Other notable features include pre-programmed polyphonic lullabies for soothing your baby to sleep and baby room temperature monitoring (it’ll actually alert you when the room is too cold or too hot).

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 8.7 x 5.9 x 3 inches
  • weight: 8.6 ounces
  • screen size: 2.4 inches
  • transmission range: 900ft
  • warranty: 1yr

PROS: very affordable | long battery life | good picture quality | expandable up to 4 cameras | dual microphone | good sound quality.

CONS: loud beeps when alerting you of lost connections.

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5. Philips AVENT SCD630/37 Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitor Best for: excellent picture quality.

Philips AVENT SCD630/37 is another top-rated baby monitor without wifi that made it to our list of top products. Though this is also a top best non-wifi video baby monitor, it’s relatively new to the market… but we all know that Philips AVENT products are made of quality and reliability and rarely disappoint.

Like all the other baby monitors we’ve featured on this list, this Philips AVENT product work without an internet connection. It uses the adaptive FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology for a more secure and private connection to your baby, significantly reducing the chances of your baby monitor getting hacked.

The sleek-looking baby monitor presents you with a larger 3.5-inch LCD display screen, where you’ll enjoy real-time, super-clear videos streamline of your baby room. Additionally, it provides you with crystal-clear infra-red night vision which automatically activated when it detects low lighting in your baby room. Remember that night vision is crucial in a baby monitor as it enables you to watch your baby activities even in total darkness.

It’s also worth noting that the monitor has a pretty impressive long-range transmission of up to 300 meters (or approx. 980 ft.) for excellent user experience.

Similar to all the other monitors we’ve previously discussed, this model is also equipped with a temperature sensor that enables you to monitor the climate in your baby room easily. In case of extreme temperature conditions in your baby bedroom, the sensor will alert you via the digital display unit.

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 4.2 x 8.7 x 7.3 inches
  • weight: 1.4 pounds
  • screen size:  3.5 inches
  • transmission distance: 980ft.
  • warranty: 12-yr warranty

PROS: quality construction materials | good picture quality | good sound quality | reliable signal (no interference) | excellent battery life.

CONS: many cases of USB charging port breaking reported | some users also have issues with the power button failure.

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6. Willcare Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitor Best for: excellent signal reception.

Willcare Video Baby Monitor is also a darling for many parents owing to its impressive features and the excellent job it does at helping you monitor your baby from around your home. It’s also an fhss baby monitor that utilizes the highly secure 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology, which establishes a safe connection between you and your baby.

The fact that this non-wifi video monitor doesn’t require any internet makes the installation part easy and quick. No complicated wifi connections or any App downloads needed; it’s simply a plug-and-play setup.

Once set up and ready for use, this monitor lets you watch your little one on a large 3.5-inch LCD display with crystal-clear picture quality. It boasts of excellent night vision…with a total of 6 built-in IR LED lights that work together to ensure you can see your baby’s face as well as their surroundings at night.

You’ll also love the 4 pre-programmed lullabies that come with this monitor. Without a single doubt, these will play a significant role in helping you soothe your baby to sleep or even calm him/her when he/she is crying. What’s more, the monitor has a two-way audio feature which lets you listen and comfort your baby from your room.

With multi-camera expandability feature—where you can add up to 4 cameras to the monitor—you’ll be able to closely monitor as many as 4 areas and save money in the process. This is truly a great feature for moms with twins (or even triplets and quadruplets!)

The monitor provides you with an alarm clock feature to help remind you when it’s time to feed your baby, change diapers, sleep, etc. It has a long-lasting battery (which can go for up to 10 hours on the ECO mode).

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 7.6 x 5.9 x 2.9 inches
  • weight: 12 ounces
  • screen size: 3.5 inches
  • transmission distance: 960 ft.
  • warranty: one-year warranty

PROS: cute looking baby monitor | good signal reception (work even in the basement!) | user-friendly interface | reasonably priced | high picture quality.

CONS: signal interference issues from time to time.

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7. Baieshiji Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitor Best for: easy to install/operate.

If you’re looking for a moderately priced non-wifi video baby monitor with multi-camera support, you can’t go wrong with the Baieshiji Video Baby Monitor. The top-rated unit supports as many as 4 cameras, meaning you can connect to as many as 4 baby units and monitor them simultaneously.

The monitor uses the highly secure 2.4GHz wireless technology (with no delay) to ensure real-time interaction between you and your baby. It comes with a large 3.5-inch LCD screen that delivers incredible visual details and pristine video images of your baby. The infrared night vision feature lets you clearly see your baby at night.

Like the previous model, this monitor also features 4 built-in lullabies to help soothe your baby to sleep. If you combine this with the two-way audio feature (which lets you hear and talk to your baby), your parenting life will get easier.

The ECO mode is another reason to love this monitor. This feature contributes to longer battery life as it only activates on detecting any sound in your baby room. With the device’s built-in thermometer, you can also use it to monitor the temperatures of your baby room.

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 4.3 x 3 x 1.5 inches
  • weight: 1.01 pounds
  • screen size: 3.5 inches
  • transmission distance: 960ft. (without barriers)
  • warranty: 1-yr warranty

PROS: impressive picture quality | super easy to install and operate | excellent sound quality.

CONS: average battery life.

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8. DBPower Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitorBest for: supports video recording.

How about a baby monitor without wifi that lets you record high-quality digital videos of your baby? Well, such a unit will truly make your parenting life more fun. And one such model is the DBPower Video Baby Monitor; it supports up to 32GB SD cards for unlimited video recording.

As with all the other top-quality monitors that made it to this list, this model utilizes the 2.4 GHz wireless transmission (with FHSS technology) to ensure your digital privacy is locked. The monitor presents you with a larger 4.3-inch LCD color display, with 640*480P Resolution, to help you clearly see your baby.

It boasts of an advanced alert system that lets you know when your baby is crying, or when the battery is about to die, or when you’re out of range… or for temperature alerts. Keep in mind that the alert system comprises both audio and visual alerts.

The monitor also provides you with smart features like the temperature sensor, integrated lullabies, nightlight, two-way talk, and multi-camera support (you can add up to 4 cameras)—all of which make it even more convenient for you.

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 11.8 x 4.5 x 5.9 inches
  • weight: 1.8 pounds
  • screen size: 4.3 inches
  • transmission distance: 1,000ft.
  • warranty: 1-year warranty

PROS: low battery, out of range, and temperature alerts | easy to operate | excellent night vision | split-screen function | recording function | great customer service.

CONS: screen can’t turn off | some parents complain about poor battery life

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9. Panasonic Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitorBest for: long-range video non-wifi baby monitor.

If you think that the baby monitors that don’t use wifi have a limited transmission range, think again. This Panasonic Video Baby Monitor offers you an exceptional transmission range of up to 1500ft. It uses the powerful DECT technology to deliver clear, secure, and interference-free signals twice the distance offered by comparable monitors.

Other than a mind-blowing transmission range, this monitor has what it takes to help you keep an eye over your baby from any room in your home. It features a large 3.5-inch color monitor that gives you crystal clear visuals of your baby. And when darkness sets in, its wide-angle, wall-mountable night vision camera will ensure you continue enjoying a clear view of your baby.

Because this monitor also comes with an interference-free two-way talk mode, you can easily talk to your baby as you carry on with your household chores or even when you’re outdoors (remember it has an extra-long transmission range).

We also can’t fail to mention the built-in library of lullabies for soothing your baby and white noises for calming down your baby to sleep. Amazingly, you can customize the monitor settings to automatically play these soothing sounds whenever sound or motion is detected.

Unlike most of the competitors out there, this monitor offers you longer battery life to ensure you can monitor your little one for long hours. The battery delivers up to 13 hours of standby time plus 5 hours of continuous monitor usage in/outside the house.

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 7.2 x 5.2 x 6 in
  • weight: 1.7 pounds
  • screen size: 3.5 inches
  • transmission distance: 1,500 feet
  • warranty: 1 year

PROS: extra-long range transmission (up to 1,500 feet) | awesome battery life | smart movement and sound sensors | super-easy to setup | great picture quality.

CONS: night vision not soo good.

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10. Dragon Touch DT24 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

best non-wifi baby monitorBest for: budget-friendly price tag.

If you’re facing hard economic times, you’d want to confine your search to monitors with a wallet-friendly price. We found the Dragon Touch DT24 as the most affordable baby monitor without wifi.

Like all the other non-wifi baby monitors that appeared on this list, this monitor uses the enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology for highly secure, interference-free communication. It delivers an excellent transmission range of up to 900ft—giving you the freedom to carry out your chores around your house without losing contact with your baby.

The high-quality 2.4-inch color LED screen provides you with clear visuals of your baby. The built-in 2x digital zoom enables you to zoom your baby for even closer watching. Like all the other monitors discussed above, this model has infrared night vision to allow you to enjoy crystal clear videos of your baby at night or in dark rooms.

Despite the low cost, this monitor provides you with a list of additional convenient features to make monitoring your baby easier. These features include the nightlight (to help your baby sleep without fear of darkness), two-way talkback, temperature monitoring, up to 4 pre-programmed lullabies, and alarm setting.

Monitor Specs:

  • dimensions: 5.8 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches
  • weight: 15.2 ounces
  • screen size: 2.4 inches
  • transmission distance: up to 900 ft. (in open area)
  • warranty: 1-year limited warranty

PROS: budget-friendly price | amazing night vision mode | great picture quality | good quality microphone | easy to set up and use | nightlight helpful to most parents.

CONS: smaller display screen | short battery life.

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How To Choose The Best Non-wifi Baby Monitor:

Below are the key factors to consider when looking for the ideal baby monitor without wifi:

Transmission Technology

The first thing to look for in baby monitors that don’t use wifi is the type of technology it uses.

The safest, most secure monitors are ones that utilize 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology with FSHH technology.

This transmission technique is all about randomly changing frequency channels, which make it hard for intruders to hack your baby monitor.


Transmission range (Portability)

Another essential thing to look for in the non-wifi monitor you plan to buy is its transmission range.

If you compare different baby monitors, you’ll quickly discover that the transmission distance varies as you move from one model to the next.

Ideally, you want to look for a monitor that enables you to monitor your baby from any room in your house.

NOTE: Some models provide you with a transmission range of over 1000ft—enabling you to monitor your baby even when you’re outside your house! A good example is the Panasonic Video Baby Monitor.


Night vision

What’s the need for buying a baby monitor that allows you to monitor your baby during the day only?

Honestly, that doesn’t make sense.

Make sure the monitor you settle for allows you to keep watch over your baby even at night or in darker rooms.

And don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it…do your research. Check what previous users are saying about the device’s night vision capability.

Ensure the monitor delivers crystal clear videos at night.

Quick Tip: Units with infrared night vision tender to deliver better night vision performance.


Two-way talk function

Research has uncovered that a mother’s voice has a positive impact on her baby. (Source)

With that being said, it makes sense that the monitor you buy should support a two-way talk function.

This will help you directly listen to your baby and talk to her (sooth him/her to sleep or even calm her down when they’re crying).

We can’t stress enough how this particular feature will make your parenting life easier!


Camera expandability

Do you plan to monitor more than one baby unit/room?

If yes, then you should ensure that the non-wifi baby monitor you wish to buy supports multiple cameras.

Most of the top-rated monitors support up to 4 cameras, enabling you to monitor up to 4 baby rooms simultaneously.

Quick TIP: If you’re on the hunt for a non-wifi baby monitor for twins, get a camera expandable baby monitor. This will save you from spending extra money on an additional baby monitor.


Battery Life

It’s also advisable that you check the type of battery that comes with the baby monitor you want to buy and how many hours it can keep the monitor on.

A battery with a running life of close to 10 hours is a great deal in most cases.

The longer the lifespan, the better!

While still on it, make sure the monitor comes with battery power saving features such as automatic battery saving mode when idle to help preserve as much battery power as possible.


Additional factors worth considering:

  • Temperature monitoring: some models come with a built-in thermometer to help you track your room temperatures
  • Pre-programmed lullabies: these will help soothe your baby to sleep or calm them down if they’re crying.
  • Nightlight: this soft glow ensures your little one doesn’t become afraid of darkness at night. In other words, it’ll help them sleep peacefully in the dark.
  • Brand: buying your baby monitor from a reputable brand will help ensure you get a quality product that’ll serve you reliably. Some of the top brands include Summer Infant, Infant Optics, BabySense, HelloBaby, and Phillips Avent.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty or money-back guarantee makes the product you’re buying a risk-free investment and gives you peace of mind when using it.

Our Top Pick

Our best non-wifi baby monitor choice goes to the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor. After thoroughly analyzing and comparing this non-wifi video baby monitor with the other models, we are confident that it’s the best video baby monitor without wifi you can get on the market today.

Some of the top features that make it a darling for many parents include: ease of setup and operation (comprehensive user guide included), crystal-clear picture quality, unrivaled night vision, long-lasting battery life, and the special Interchangeable Lens System.

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